The tools to look good are more accessible than ever. However, that doesn’t mean looking good is simple. There is no secret color sequence or formula that will assure that you will look good at all times.

But there are a number of tools at your disposal that will help you make educated guesses when it comes to dressing yourself. Armed with these essential resources, you will be well on your way to perfecting your own personal style. 

1. Don’t be shy to ask people for advice.

Problem: In your mind a pair of pants might have an amazing fit, but in reality the pants take on an interesting shape.  

Solution: Go shopping with a friend. It doesn’t matter if it’s a girl or guy. Another person’s opinion can make all the difference when buying jeans or anything else for that matter.

*OhSoTechy Solution: Download Dapprly for your phone and have your friends vote which look they think is better.

2. Know the online marketplace.

I prefer to buy all my clothes online. Going to a store and dealing with sales representatives, weird music, and obtrusive lighting can be discouraging. Like brick and mortar shops, online stores offer discounts too. Know the sale schedule and know the brands you like. Some excellent online stores to shop at:,,,, and

3. Know the local shops, and the local shop owners.

Living in New York, San Francisco or any metro area makes shopping for great pieces simple. But knowing where to look is as important as knowing what to look for. The places I frequent are usually small retailers. Some of my favorite are Opening Ceremony, Odin, A.P.C., and Club Monaco.

Knowing the shop owners can be as easy as chatting them up while you’re shopping or following this great blog:

4. Follow the right menswear blogs.

Harness the power of the internet. Some of my favorite menswear bloggers are,, and many more at

5. You don’t have to be in the know to be in the know.

Just because you don’t know much about the fashion industry doesn’t mean you can’t act like you do. Even if you aren’t invited to sit front row at Jeremy Scott, you can still frequent style sites to see what styles are in.

Have a sense of what the world’s leading designers are doing with fashion each season by looking at some menswear fashion shows. Photo-galleries from the shows can be found on most major fashion sites. The best two resources are and

Just like anything in life, greatness doesn’t happen overnight. Following the advice above won’t land your face on the cover of Details. But knowing what to look for and where to look for it will put you on the right track to looking good. 

Bonus tips for frugal shopper:

Always make sure to follow your favorite brands on social media. Every now and again they will release promotional codes to their followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. Also, subscribe to retailers’ newsletters. 

And always be on the lookout for sample sales. There are number of resources that you’ll be able to find. Sign up for the fashion newsletter from NY Magazine and stay in the loop with sample sale dates and locations. Happy shopping!