Seersucker judges stories solely on their content, depth and perspective. A writer’s credentials and resume aren’t as important as what they put on the page. 

On Seersucker you will find an array of lifestyle, politics, opinion, culture, food and style stories. Art and multimedia are also extremely important to us, as you will see from the emphasis of imagery throughout the site. 

We have also spent an immense amount of time perfecting the design of the site. Good design is both functional and beautiful. When done correctly it’s unnoticeable, which is the goal with Seersucker. Our site looks very different from other media sites on the web, which is exactly our intention.  

But in the end, content is key. We want to publish the best writing our generation can offer. We welcome submissions and hope as many people as possible can find a home on Seersucker. 

We encourage writers to put their perspectives and opinions out there. Everyone brings a unique point of view to a story and it shouldn’t be hidden. This philosophy extends beyond stories and into the comment section. We encourage you to comment on articles and further the discussion. We want discourse, debate and (nonviolent) arguments.

If you have any questions, comments or feedback, feel free to contact us at

This is only the beginning of a long journey for Seersucker and we’re glad you can enjoy it with us. 


Richie Siegel
Founder and Editor