Burt King is the most famous political consultant in American history. He is the recipient of numerous honors, awards and distinctions, including three-time runner-up for the Big Oil Man of The Year award. King is currently on sabbatical from politics.

Randy Siegel is a ghostwriter currently living in New York.

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"Burt King embodies everything you always wanted to know about Washington but were afraid to ask.  He'll make you laugh - and cry!"  —ABC's George Stephanopoulos

"Great fun! As your enter the power-, money- and sex-crazed King's "autobiographical" tale, you see it as a cartoon, often hilarious, of what these K Street creatures are like as they throw their weight around. But as you get deeper, and the beautifully bizarre incidents pile up, it takes on a rather documentary kind of reality. Hey, this is where we're heading! Enjoy the ride, but sell off all your U.S. assets and move to New Zealand." —Robert Whitcomb, vice president and editorial-page editor, The Providence Journal

A PARADE PICK: "You've never met anyone like Burt King."—Parade.com

"The greatest story ever told." —Burt King, America's foremost political genius and author